Plastic surgeries after bariatric treatments

The main result after bariatric surgery is significant weight loss. It is associated with excess flaccid skin in different parts of the body - arms, drooping breasts, abdominal, thighs.

The surgical correction of this excess skin can complete the process of
losing weight and bring the final satisfaction from new body.

The operation consists in liposuction to remove the rest of the excess fat and then surgical removal of the skin from typical incisions.

The surgery is connected with visible scars.

Before the surgery:

Basic blood tests: morphology, creatinine, blood coagulation index, prothrombin index, ecg (electrocardiogram), blood type

Type of anaesthesia: local or general

Recovery time: removal of the stitches after 7- 10 days from the treatment, wearing special post- surgery garments for 8 weeks, swelling persist for about 1-3 months from the surgery, self-massaging on the operated parts, staying without exhausting sport activities for about 2-3 months.

Scars: depends on the operated part - long slim line under the tummy, on inner thighs, under the arms or under the breast.

Depends on the type of anaesthesia , patient will stay overnight in the clinic or only few hours after treatment.


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