Upper eyelids correction ( Upper blepharoplasty) 3000 PLN
Lower eyelids correction ( Lower blepharoplasty) 4500 PLN
Blepharoplasty 7000 PLN
Otoplasty 3000 PLN
One ear correction 2000 PLN
Full Rhinoplasty 8000 – 10000 PLN
Rhinoplasty (cartilage part) 4000 – 6000 PLN
Correction of deviated nasal septum 6000 PLN
Face and neck lift 11 000 – 15000 PLN
Chin liposuction 3500 PLN
Breast augmentation ( round implants) 13000 PLN
Breast augmentation ( anatomical implants) 15000 PLN
Breast reduction 10000-12000 PLN
Breast lift 9000-11000 PLN
Breast lift with implants 12000 – 14000 PLN
Gynecomastia with liposuction of chest 5000 – 8000 PLN
Gynecomastia with mastopexy (removal of the excess skin from chest) 10000  PLN
Labiaplasty 3000 – 5000 PLN
Tummy tuck ( Abdominoplasty) 10000 – 13000 PLN
Tummy liposuction 5000-7000 PLN
Arms liposuction 4000 PLN
LHips liposuction 4000 PLN
Thighs liposuction 5000 PLN
Knee liposcution 4000 PLN
Arms lift 7000 PLN
Thighs lift 8000-9000  PLN
Chin implant 4000 – 6000 PLN
Testicles implant 4000 PLN
Removal of the marks + histopathological test 400 PLN
Every next mark to remove 100 PLN

Aesthetic medicine

Pelleve – wrinkles reduction and face oval modeling
Full face 1200 PLN
Full face and neck 1500 PLN
Full face, neck and decolletage 1800 PLN
Upper and lower part of face 800 PLN
Neck 500 PLN
Decolletage 500 PLN
Wrinkles around the eyes 500 PLN
Wrinkles around the lips and between eyebrows 500 PLN
Pellefirm – firming and modeling body
Arms 1400 PLN
Tummy 1400 PLN
Buttocks 1400 PLN
Thighs 1400 PLN
Closing dilated capillaries ( Face) od 300 PLN
Botox – 1 area 500 PLN
Botox – 2 area 800 PLN
Botox – 3 area 1000 PLN
hyperhidrosis treatment by Botox od 1200 PLN
Allergan Juvederm – Dermall fillers / Hyaluronic acid  
Juvederm Smile od 700 PLN (0,55 ml)
Juvederm Ultra 3 900 PLN (1ml)
Voluma (wolumetria) 1200 PLN (1ml)
Volift 1200 PLN (1ml)
Volbella 1200 PLN (1ml)



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