We are thrilled to welcome you to the Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Our website is designed  to help you  get to know Dr Ryszard Nawrocki and understand the procedures and treatments available to you.

We specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Find out for yourself!

We offer broad range of procedures, from breast surgery and  facial plastic surgery to eyelid correction and scar corerction, and more.

In our news you will find advice, information and interesting facts about our offer.

If you are interested in procedures such as removing varicose veins, removing a tattoo or aesthetic treatments - here you will find all the necessary knowledge in this area.


 About me

At the Clinic our team provides procedures in areas of Plastic Surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments
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Dr Ryszard Nawrocki's Clinic offers treatment in range of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and more..

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To see results of procedures performed at our clinic please visit gallery... 

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Check now how to find us on the map and our contact details... 

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