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Dr Ryszard Nawrocki – specialist of plastic surgery

Before every treatment , from removal of tattoo to rhinoplasty the most important for me is to have consultation with my patient. During our first meeting I am able to know better the opportunity of doing the surgery, expectation from patient and medical indications and contraindications. I would like to always make sure that patient is informed about the method which I am offering , time and process of recovery time, possible complications and results. When we are agree with my patient to finally do the surgery then we can discuss the best time for it.

I would like to inform every patient that on consultation this is also your time to ask me about everything what you would like to know.

Cold, fever, herpes are an indication to postpone the date of surgery.

Payment for the surgery can be made in installments.


Documents for the patient:

Basic questionnaire - download

Consent for the procedure - download

Additional information - download

Information for parents about the child's anesthesia - download

Epidemiological inquiry - download

Consent – Lipotransfer to forehead - download

Consent – Gynecomastia - download

Consent – Rhinoplasty - download

Consent – Otoplasty - download

Consent – Breast lift- download

Consent – Arms lift - download

Consent – Face lift- download

Consent – Liposuction - download

Consent – Fat transfer - download

Consent – Tummy tuck ( Abdominoplasty) - download

Consent – Eyelids ( Blepharoplasty) - download

Consent – Thighs lift - download

Consent- Breast augmentation- download

Consent- Radiesse- download

Consent – Breast reduction - download

Consent – Sculptura - download

Consent - Silhouette Lifting- download

Consent - Anaesthesia - download



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