NavMedica Plastic Surgery Clinic is located in the west part of Wroclaw called Lesnica. This is the most green area of the city just 10 minutes from the airport. In our clinic you will find surgeons with a passion, professional after care, individual approach to each patient and peaceful place for your recovery time.

The clinic has two operating rooms, a pre-and post-operative room, rooms for patients, consultation rooms, and aesthetic medicine room. Part of the clinic is a dental center with modernly equipped for surgical and aesthetic dentistry.

The clinic has been equipped with the most modern equipment for performing surgical and aesthetic procedures under general and local anaesthesia. Rooms for the patients have been design in a comfortable, cosy and warm style. Each room has its own bathroom with shower, TV, wifi and air conditioning.


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At the Clinic our team provides procedures in areas of Plastic Surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments
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Dr Ryszard Nawrocki's Clinic offers treatment in range of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and more..

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To see results of procedures performed at our clinic please visit gallery... 

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Check now how to find us on the map and our contact details... 

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